Lectors proclaim the readings from sacred Scripture readings, except for the Gospel. They lead the Prayer of the Faithful and the responsorial psalm when it is not sung. Beyond the skills needed by any good public speaker, being a good lector requires communicating a sense of prayerfulness and reverence. To participate in this ministry, you must:

  1. Be a practicing Catholic and fully initiated (Baptized, Confirmed, and received First Eucharist).
  2. Be a registered member of one of our two parishes.
  3. Attend scheduled training and ongoing formation opportunities. 

Contact Person:

  • At Saint Mary Church
    • Sor Leidy Castillo - Spanish Community - Phone: (860) 694-9474 - Email: [email protected]
    • Sister Yannick - Haitian Community - Phone: (954) 909-9945 - Email: [email protected]
  • At Sts. Peter and Paul Church